Best Practice Cost Saving Management

Dedicated to helping Primary Healthcare achieve and maintain top performance and profitability, we look after your buying and private revenue streams to save you time, reduce costs and enhance profitability.

Medicines Purchase Management

Effective stock management is the cornerstone of effective buying – we closely monitor your stock levels to establish stock requirements taking into consideration buying preferences, market stock availability and NHS Reimbursement profit rates. This saves your staff time, avoids unexpected out of stock issues and resulting cancelled surgeries, and helps maximise income.

NHS Prescription Reimbursements

Real time NHS and supplier reimbursement price updates help ensure income is maximised.

Proforma FP34 reports highlight end of month missing scripts and avoid lost script income.

Real-Time Inventory

  • Real-time stock level visibility interfaces directly to purchasing, highlighting low stock levels.
  • Year end automatic stock valuation saves time and provides for accurate stock valuation.
  • Remote stock count recording with the Remote App ensures count accuracy and avoids paperwork.
  • Expiry Date and Batch number controls automatically update purchasing with expiry warnings before they cause problems.
  • Multi-site stock and purchase management capabilities allow your buying expert to manage purchasing and stock from one point. Central store options also help streamline buying and stock management.

General Purchasing Management and Control

All major suppliers

with over 40,000 listed products help ensure every brand is available.

Real time

supplier stock level checking avoids back orders.

Key controls

help keep a tight rein over purchasing including order authorisations tied to spend level authorisations.

Performance feedback

reports highlight opportunities as the market changes.

Live market monitoring with best price checking helps ensure costs are always minimised.

Your Own Expert Support Manager

Expert in clinical buying and independent of suppliers, your special quoting needs are managed for you.

Asset, Task and Safety Data Sheet Interface

  • Your Asset Register is automatically updated with user manuals, and PAT and Calibration certificates can be directly updated by suppliers.
  • Cleaning and maintenance tasks can be assigned, carried out and monitored remotely with the Remote App.

COSHH Safety Data Sheets

  • constantly updated to your Remote App for instant access

Unique KPI Feedback Reporting

  • Monthly reporting of key performance indicators gives links to detailed reports.
  • Performance benchmarking identifies strengths and saving opportunities.

Financial Management Reporting

  • Remote App allows staff to check and record goods received, and record Expiry Dates and Batch details as they are received and stored.
  • Operation reports give performance management feedback with benchmarking
  • Integration to Xero / QuickBooks means all cost and revenue details can be seamlessly updated with all details visible in the financial accounts for top level management analysis and decision making.