Your Centre of Excellence!

  • Achieving Cost Saving Operating Efficiencies.
  • Maximising Private Revenue Streams.

Working in partnership with Primary Healthcare, we are dedicated to helping achieve and maintain top performance and profitability.

We look after your buying and private revenue streams to save you time, reduce costs and enhance profitability.

Cost Management

Managed Purchasing

our focus is looking after your purchasing and letting you focus on your core areas. A powerful purchasing system with live market benchmarking ensures you always achieve best market pricing and savings.

Financial Control

a powerful financial control system sits hidden in the background to save staff time, avoid problems and mistakes and provide you with live feedback on operations so you can operate at optimal levels at all times.

Services Management

Bookkeeping, equipment calibration, PAT and legionella testing, asset and cleaning task management and more can all be handled to reduce working pressures and workloads.

Private Revenue Creation

Managed Private Medical Services: maximise income in private medical specialties provided to individuals, care organisations and commercial organisations. Areas include private and executive health checks, micro suction, facial enhancement, tattoo removal, special minor ops, travel services and more.

Referral Income:
generate important revenues on introduction and mentoring of new members.

A Centre of Excellence: achieve best practice financial management in cost management and private revenue generation.
It creates staff time and cost savings as well as important new income opportunities to enhance surgery profitability.

The Financial Details

Over the years we have had great success in saving time and costs, and creating new revenue flows for members. For an average sized operating unit it is not unusual to see annual cost savings of £1 per patient, with similar levels of income generation.

Of interest? Please Join with us!

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